Q. Hi! I’ve always wanted to join your group but I don’t know how. Can you tell how I can be a part of your team?
A. Hello, thank you so much for thinking about joining us and sending your questions to us. If you want to be a part of our team, just send us an email properly so we could discuss the membership information. You may also visit our building and place personally so you could apply for membership as soon as possible and for us to be able to discuss to you the particulars of the membership.

Q. Do I have to create an account to join the conversation in the forum or to post a message?
A. Hi, thank you for sending us your message. Yes, you need to create an account in order to post something in our forum page or to be a part of any kind of conversation on this website. To create one, just submit your email and you will be able to get a username and password for your account.

Q. Can I visit your website without creating an account?
A. Hello! Thank you for sending your question to us. Yes, you can visit our website without an account. Anyone is free to become our visitor and you will only need an account if you will be posting on our forum.

Q. Can I create an account on your website even if I am not a member of the group?
A. Hi! Thank you for your message. We would like to tell you that you can be a part of our website without being an official member of the team. Our website is open for each and everyone who would like to share anything to us. Feel free to post any message on our forum and join the conversations here anytime.