Enliken started off as a website that advertises about the needs of others. They encourage people to help individuals out by showing them the different conditions of people who need help around the world. Also, we show them how their help could mean so much to these people. Now, we don’t just advertise these things but we also initiate programs that can help many people out in many places in order to really provide them with the best help we could give. It is our main goal to provide services to these people for free and give them a chance to have a better life. For a long time, we managed to do these things and now we are already planning to expand our reach as we encourage more volunteers to join our team. We are satisfied to make people happy and see them smile because of the simple things we do and give.

It is our mission to provide assistance that could help out children with their education. We have things for them that they can use for their school. Other than that, we also create small programs for the children which are educational, informative, and appropriate for their age. This way, we know we could help out more children in different places and make sure that they receive the education they need.

Enliken group also conducts medical missions all over the world from time to time. We provide help for people who need attention in their health. It is not easy to get your must-needed medical attention especially when you have no money to use and when hospitals are too far from your place. We keep these issues and problems in mind and make possible solutions for the people. We visit them every year and provide free checkups, cures, medicines, and more. Enliken group aims to help as many people as much as we can and we will continue doing that while improving our programs and services further