AOC – Allowance/Optional Claiming This competition type integrates qualities related to two traditional competition type, Allowance and declaring races

Horses can be joined under Allowance conditions (perhaps not eligible to feel stated, but must be eligible for the circumstances associated with the competition) OR joined for a claiming price should they do not qualify for the race ailments.

It can be operated under many conditions, but usually are run-in allowance or disability ailments

CLH – saying disability a competition for ponies joined getting claimed, with weight projects much like that from a handicap race (discover problem listed above).

CLM – saying declaring events would be the most often work racing in the united states. Horses contending in declaring racing are offered available for a particular listed to qualified purchasers.

CST – declaring Stakes a battle for ponies registered to-be advertised. Nomination and perchance entryway and starters charge tend to be included with the beds base bag.

HCP – problem This battle kind refers to a race in which the loads were designated of the track’s rushing assistant or Handicapper in relation to previous performances. Their particular intent should assign fat to each and every pony escort Baton Rouge in order that all entrants has the same chance for winning the competition. THERE’S ABSOLUTELY NO ADDED MONEY IN A HANDICAP COMPETITION.

MAT – fit Race a complement race was a competition that involves simply two horses. To meet the requirements as a match race, best two horses happened to be registered during the competition. The race does not meet the requirements as a match race if a lot more than two ponies at first registered the competition plus some had been scraped, rendering it a two-horse industry.

MCL – Maiden declaring Maiden declaring races were for ponies with never ever acquired a race and tend to be permitted feel said

MOC – Maiden Optional Claiming This battle type is restricted to maidens (non-winners life time) that are running according to the problems just as those for recommended declaring races (see Optional Claiming).

MSW – Maiden particular Weight These races include kepted for ponies that have never ever acquired a race. They’re not eligible to feel stated. The phrase unique lbs comes from the point that arbitrary loads include allotted to horses by get older. (e.g. 3 seasons olds 118 pounds, elderly 122 weight.)

OCH – recommended Claiming Handicap this sort competition are an Optional claiming competition this is certainly run under Handicap problems. (read both race types noted for a further description).

ALW – Allowance race a race which is why the rushing secretary drafts specific conditions to find out loads is held on the basis of the pony’s get older, intercourse and/or previous efficiency

OCL – Optional Claiming This competition kind is fairly involved and integrate top features of starter allowance and saying events. Horses fighting inside type of competition may either participate as a claimer, or as a starter allowance horse, with no declaring rates. Those contending contained in this race which are not eligible to end up being stated must have competed at or underneath the declaring stage specified, and possess maybe not obtained a race from the given claiming or maybe more since last fighting within given claiming degree or a lowered declaring terms.

SHP – Starter Handicap This category is actually booked for horses which were operating in lower claiming providers, but I have improved to the level that they wouldn’t be risked on the market in a saying competition. In essence this race try an allowance race restricted to horses which have earlier run in a claiming battle at a certain level (e.g. starters for a claiming price of $5,000). In a starter handicap battle, ponies were weighted comparable to a handicap competition.

SOC – Starter/Optional Claiming This race kind is another crossbreed of two competition sort, beginner Allowance and Claiming. To perform as an a€?allowance horsea€? (not eligible to feel said), the pony should have going for a specific claiming rates or less in a particular schedule. Ponies not qualified beneath the beginner Allowance problems may operate, but they must vie for all the declaring rates.