By the time kids turn two years old, they tend to be very excited about playing with toys as well as their friends. This is the time when you will notice them running around the house and kicking things; doing this is an expression that they want to play.

As a parent, confining your child is not advisable; you should, therefore, think of toys to get your child so that he can enjoy his childhood like other children.

But you can only do this by making sure to get him the toys that go in line with his age.

By taking a keen look at this page, you will be able to find the best toys for your little one. However, this article has highlighted a few of these so that it can be easier for you to make a decision when the time comes.

Pull and play


Your toddler wouldn’t want to get their hands on a pull wagon; in addition to that, this tit is meant to stay with them as they grow. It doesn’t matter whether your kid is working on language, shapes, or alphabets; this is the suitable toy for them. Apart from being an extremely educative toy, it is also a fun toy, so your child is bound to benefit a lot from the toy.

BBQ grill

This toy comes complete with plates, food, skewers. It is an interactive BBQ that allows your child to pretend to grill just like his parents do. This toy can help kids to be very familiar with temperature adjustments as well as numbers.

Ride n chomp

This is a crocodile toy that mainly combines two things, scooters as well as building blocks. This toy will require the cooperation of a parent. However, you can also choose to leave them to play along with it.


As a parent, once you are sure your child is done with the toy, it is always advisable that you keep it somewhere safe and neat.