Testosterone replacement therapy is a type of treatment where testosterone is added to a man’s body to increase its level in his body. This thereby is used to treat hypogonadism, a condition of having low testosterone in man’s blood. As one age, his testosterone levels reduce significantly, which can lead to symptoms of low blood testosterone.

The main aim of testosterone replacement therapy is to correct the testosterone levels in the body. When thus, methods are used to treat it comes with other benefits in our body, including:

Increased bone density

Increased libido levels

Increased lean body and reduced body fat and

Increased wellbeing

How it works

 testosterone replacement therapy phoenix works by inducing a Strong placebos effect in man’s body in the first stages of therapy. This means when you are treated, your testosterone levels will improve not because the medication effect has taken effect but due to the psychological effect of having taken it. This means some people think testosterone works better and treat hypogonadism.


Testosterone can be taken in several ways. It mainly depends on an individual’s preference. In most cases, people will receive testosterone treatment in the form of injection every two weeks.

For those men who cannot receive injection due to other factors such as bleeding disorders will use different modes to testosterone treatment.

A doctor can recommend a change in the form of treatment if he finds out the current one is not working. A doctor will try his level best to find a method that works best for you in terms of response, cost, and convenience, and the individual should talk to a doctor if you find out you are having any form of concern towards a particular treatment.


The various forms of testosterone treatment include; injectable testosterone, transdermal testosterone patches, testosterone implant, oral testosterone, and testosterone gel.